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Introducing our handcrafted Sky Garden Dog Collar, a perfect blend of natural and rustic elements for your beloved pet. The beautiful combination of sky blue, orange, and green colors exudes a countryside charm, making it a unique and stylish accessory for your furry friend. Each collar is carefully crafted with precision, giving it a sophisticated and harmonious feel. It makes an ideal gift for pet owners who appreciate the finer things in life.


這款手工製作的天空花園狗項圈融合了自然和樸素元素,為您的愛寵帶來獨特的時尚配件。 天藍色、橙色和綠色的柔和組合展現了鄉村魅力,為您的毛茸茸朋友增添了獨特和時尚的配件。 每個項圈都是精心製作而成,給人一種精緻、和諧的感覺。 是帶養護主人的理想禮物。

Sky Garden Dog Collar

SKU: becollar03
  • Width: 4-5cm (standard 4 rows with paracord insert including fringes on one side; core width without fringe 3cm)

    Measure your pets neck. Please consider neck fur. The size of the collar is measured lying flat from the open clasp to where it clicks. 


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